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Clinical Simlator

The clinical simulator is a revolutionary tool specifically designed to provide doctors with the opportunity to test and enhance their knowledge in a virtual environment. This interactive bot offers a wide range of clinical cases in which doctors can immerse themselves and face complex and realistic medical situations. By presenting questions and scenarios based on real cases, the clinical simulator challenges healthcare professionals to make crucial decisions in real-time. With each provided response, the bot provides detailed feedback and comprehensive analysis to help doctors understand their strengths and areas for improvement. This innovative clinical simulator becomes a valuable learning companion, offering a practical and effective training experience that enhances clinical skills and safe, controlled medical decision-making.

Version 2.0

In its 2.0 version, MedBot introduces bidirectional functionality that completely redefines the medical learning experience. Now, healthcare professionals have the unique ability to be architects of clinical cases, building and customizing them according to their needs. In this version, through the input of essential parameters such as gender, age, symptoms, and history, professionals gain total control over the creation of authentic and challenging clinical scenarios.

This feature not only enhances decision-making in simulated environments but also fosters creativity and adaptability, allowing professionals to design cases closely aligned with their areas of expertise and specific learning needs. MedBot redefines medical training, offering an unprecedented interactive experience where physicians not only learn but also actively shape their own training process.


Man 55 years old | Paternal history of high blood pressure